Fujifilm Instant Cameras 5 Reasons To Love Them

by Soumya Banerjee | 27-10-2016 | Tags : Tech Camera

The new breed of Fujifilm instant cameras are powerful, smart and great for capturing special moments, memories and events in your life. Here’s why.

The company that gave the world the Polaroid Camera has upgraded to give us a range of cameras meant for the smartphone generation. If you,…

7 Essential Home Appliances For Your New House

by Soumya Banerjee | 06-10-2016 | Tags : Home Appliances

Just moved in? Make sure your new home is equipped with these lifesaving, time-saving, home appliances.

Home appliances are designed to make life easier. While it isn’t easy to set up a home, these essential home appliances go a long way in ensuring that you can take…